Kangaroo 1” Cubes

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Kangaroo Cubes for Dogs (Serve raw or cooked)

Our kangaroo meat is air-flown directly from Australia. It is nutritionally superior to most other meat types and low in fat, high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is rich in B group Vitamins and also contains Omega-3 which is good for the skin.

The high protein content makes it an excellent meat source for injured dogs to aid in recovery. It is also high in zinc which boosts immunity and also aids with healing and growth functions in your pet.

It is also naturally high in CLA which is a potent antioxidant that improves immunity and strengthens the body in fighting cancer. It also reduces inflammatory allergic reactions and helps alleviate dry skin and many allergic conditions.

Kangaroo meat is also obtained from free-range kangaroos that are free of injected hormones and are 100% natural. This meat can be served raw or cooked. Prepare the kangaroo meat the same way you would prepare beef. This is a great nutritious addition to your dog’s regular meals!

Ingredients 100% wild kangaroo meat
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