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Puppy - Gently Cooked Mix

Can you imagine eating the same food everyday? We can't. 

Our mixed diet is a fantastic option for your puppy. Buddy Jr. not only gets a carousel of different foods every meal, but it also encourages a well balanced nutrition by capturing a wide spectrum of nutrients available across different meats.

Untreated green tripe also forms part of this amazing formula that serves as a natural probiotic and contains natural digestive enzymes. Kale, blueberries, spirulina and salmon oil are added into the mix for a complete, nutrient dense diet with high antioxidants.

If that's not enough, Dr Cabana's proprietary supplement blend of taurine, which aids eye and heart health in puppies, and other essential vitamins and minerals round this off to craft a one-of-a-kind diet, one that your puppy can truly thrive on during this important growth stage.

Optimised for puppies between 3-6 months old.

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