Sea Coral Calcium



Because minerals are most effective when acting synergistically in the presence of other minerals, Wholistic Sea Coral Calcium is able to deliver the most highly available and utilisable form of calcium because of its natural composition. Containing 38% calcium & 72 trace minerals, it is especially high in calcium and effectively enters the blood stream for full utilisation unlike any other calcium supplement.

Due to concerns about iodine and lead presence in Japanese waters, Caribbean origin coral is of higher quality than its Japanese counterpart and, of course, Wholistic Sea Coral Calcium is gathered from the top parts of the reef to preserve the precious integrity of the reefs and ocean life.

Wholistic Sea Coral Calcium provides the following benefits:
  • Helps strengthens immune system
  • Easy to digest and highly absorbable
  • Ideal 2:1 ratio of calcium/ magnesium
  • Supports healthy bones & muscles
  • Helps regulates body pH

Size per bottle: 3.2 oz (91g)

Ingredient: Coral calcium

Directions for use:

Dogs 2–30 lbs - 1/4 teaspoon
Dogs 31–60 lbs - 1/2 teaspoon
Dogs 61 lbs and over - 3/4 teaspoon

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