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Botanical Swirl 3.5oz
Botanical Swirl 3.5oz
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Botanical Swirl 3.5oz

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Botanical Swirl with Chrysanthemum & Pandan

Help your pet cool down and recover with a refreshing post-play treat!

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Botanical Swirl's infusion of Pandan brings an abundance of antioxidants, safeguarding your pet's cells from oxidative stress during play, while promoting resilience and vitality. Chrysanthemum, renowned for its detoxifying prowess, ensures clear eyes and rejuvenation of energy. Spirulina, a potent immune-boosting powerhouse enriched with diverse carotenoids and phospholipids, supports their immune system while also lending vibrant natural colouration.

Definitely the best after-play treat!

  • Dog Friendly
  • 100% Human-Grade
  • No Preservatives
  • No Food Dyes
  • No Lactose

Ingredient List: 

Lactose-free milk, Sugar, Water, Vegetable Oil, Egg Yolk, Pandan, Chrysanthemum, Spirulina, Dextrose, Stabilizers

Guaranteed Analysis Per 100g:

Protein 1.86
Fat 7.26
Fibre 0.48g
Moisture 66%
Calories 170.2 Kcal


Feeding Recommendation: 

1 Tablespoon per kg of your pet’s body weight


-16 °C to -20 °C

Up to 1 year from the manufactured date. Best consumed within 2 months.