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What is PetCubes?
PetCubes is the pioneer of the fresh pet food movement in Singapore. Established in 2013, our core principle has and always will be to produce the freshest food for our beloved pets.
My pet seems fine on kibbles. So what’s the fuss with a fresh diet?
It’s great that your dog is fine but wouldn’t you want him to be absolutely amazing? Our fresh diets are formulated to make your dog thrive, not just survive.

Our formulas are made with three basic principles in mind: 1) functional foods which have a host of disease preventing and cell nourishing compounds, and every ingredient has a purpose - no fillers! 2) nutrigenomics, our ingredients are scientifically proven to turn on your dog’s protective genes and help to shut down the harmful, cancer prone genes 3) gut microbiome, our different amounts of soluble and insoluble fibre and variety of ingredients help your dog’s intestine to be filled with happy, healthy and helpful microbes which enhance nutrient absorption, help to ward off parasites or other gastric disease and help to boost their immune system and keep hormones well balanced.

The truth is, your kibble diet won’t have any of this. Disease is a game of risk, and our fresh diets helps to put all the odds in your favour.
Popular question! When can my pet start on PetCubes?
Our products are suitable from 3 months old.

We always recommend a gentle transition by mixing PetCubes with the current food with a 30/70 ratio to start, and gradually increasing the ratio over the course of 5 days to allow the stomach to acclimatise to a new diet.
Which formulas would you recommend for my growing puppy?
Our Puppy diet is optimised for puppies between 3 to 6 months old. The ingredients are specifically formulated to supply rare nutrients, support a healthy gut microbiome, increase the expression of healthy genes and block disease causing genes.

For puppies, it is essential to avoid crocodile, kangaroo and venison as they are considered lean meats. Your puppy will require proteins with slightly more fat to truly thrive on during this important stage of development.
Should I be alarmed if my pet has diarrhea or vomits during the initial transition?
Please ensure to transition smoothly to keep the risks of digestive upsets down. Diarrhea isn’t a concern if it’s under 2 days and vomiting isn’t a concern if it happens once or twice.

If a digestive upset does occur, give your pet a break without food, and go back with half of the starting amount of PetCubes. If it happens again, you may want to try a different formula. Blood in faeces or vomit is not normal so please consult your vet immediately if it happens.

Digestive upsets do happen and can be caused by numerous reasons: not thawing the food properly, underlying issues which surface during the diet change, an intolerance to a new ingredient, eating too fast etc. Remember to transition slowly, give many smaller meals and thaw your PetCubes properly and hygienically.
The raw diet has been a debate forever! The truth once and for all, please?
The basic principle is that feeding raw does satisfy a dog’s cravings and can provide optimal nutrition. Raw food does contain bacteria, but what is interesting is that these bacteria are naturally found in up to a quarter of dogs, with no illnesses observed. Their digestive acids are much stronger than ours to help kill microbes.

If a raw diet is prepared in a clean and hygienic manner with high quality meat, then you have nothing to worry about. Because of that, not all raw food will be safe because of the uncertainty of the source. PetCubes uses human grade meat only.

Also, don’t feed raw to sick or very old dogs just because we want to spare their immune system the extra work. Feeding them our gently cooked formulas will be great for them too!
Does your Gently Cooked diet retain all the nutritional values?
Our Gently Cooked range is cooked a controlled temperature of 80c, enough to kill bacteria without damaging the bioavailability of most nutrients. Fresh diets have regularly been praised for having a higher bioavailability of nutrients.

On the contrary, kibbles are cooked at very high temperatures to make them puffed up. They contain low quality ingredients and have very little nutrient quality, resulting in a huge amount of additives just to add nutrients back in.
My dog is prone to skin allergies. Which formulas do you recommend?
There is a multitude of reasons for allergies and will be hard to pinpoint the exact cause. Our first suggestion is to switch to a less common, hypoallergenic protein which can reduce the possibility of allergies occurring.

Our kangaroo, venison and crocodile are great choices if your dog has higher sensitivities.
You have a diet for Senior dogs! What are the key differences over your other product lines?
A general rule of thumb is that a small dog of 9-10 years old, medium dog of 8 years old, and large dogs of 6-7 years old can be considered to be senior.

Our senior diet has a different nutrient profile than our adult range. It helps to prevent muscle loss and fat gain, and serves to be quite appetizing. But what makes this food unique is that it is aimed at preventing discomfort in your ageing dog’s body and organs, to help prevent or delay the development of age related diseases.

And contrary to popular belief, you will want to feed them a good amount of high quality protein (versus less), and limit the fat content of the diet. Their digestive abilities decrease as time goes on, and there is a need to increase the concentration of the nutrients impacted to ensure they are able to absorb what is required.
Can the products be recooked or warmed in the microwave?
No, our products should not be re-cooked or heated in a microwave. To maintain the nutritional values, it’s important to serve PetCubes in its natural thawed state. Any heat process will further reduce the benefits in our diets. The simple process is simple – thaw in the chiller, then serve.

If you insist on serving it warm, you can either steam it or place the PetCubes tray into a bowl of warm water for a short period before serving.
What is the shelf life of PetCubes?
If properly stored in a freezer, the expiry is 1 year from production date. But we would recommend to consume the food by 6 months. A thawed PetCubes diet can be kept in the chiller for up to 36 hours, and should be discarded if not consumed by then. Once thawed, the food should not be re-frozen.
How to prepare PetCubes for feeding?
You may refer to the feeding guidelines for detailed illustrations. For the next immediate feed, transfer the packet you want to serve from the freezer to the chiller for about 10-12 hours to allow it to thaw. Do not thaw on a table at room temperature for 1-2 hours before feeding. Our products do not contain any preservatives or salt, and should be handled like human food.
Why do some cubes look and smell slightly different?
Just like the food we eat, everything isn’t always identical. Our products are made in small batches using natural ingredients. There will be occasions where there are variations between batches under the same formulations, and considered to be normal and safe.
How do I know if my food has gone bad?
The possibility of the food going bad can happen through improper handling during transportation, thawing or mishandling during preparation. Please ensure that your PetCubes is completely frozen when purchasing from retail stores or receiving it from our delivery courier.

A bloated packet and a very foul or sour smell are obvious signs that the food should be discarded.

As we use Japan sourced sealing technology, the food can remain fresh in the freezer for up to 1 year from production date. Ice crystals forming within the packet is a natural process and does not affect the quality of the product.
Where can I purchase PetCubes?
We sell directly on our website! PetCubes is also widely available at most pet speciality stores across the island. Please check our retailer listing for details. For special orders, please email us at and we will attend to your request.
What are your shipping charges?
We have an obsession with speed. We now have same day shipping for weekday orders made before 12pm. We ship every weekday evening, from 5pm to 8.30pm, excluding weekends and public holidays. Enjoy free shipping when you have a nett spend of either
1. $160 of dog food or
2. $62 of cat food or
3. $135 of dog & cat products
How does the PetCubes subscription mechanism work?
4 simple steps to start your subscription with PetCubes and enjoy 10% discount:

1. Register an account with us;

2. Choose the products that you would like to place on your subscription by clicking into the product page;

3. Choose the frequency (1 – 6 weeks) that you would like your subscription delivered to your stated address or self collected at our address;

4. Make payment via credit card. This will be the credit card on record. For subsequent orders, this credit card will be charged 4 days before the date of delivery. (e.g. date of delivery is 16 February 2024 (Friday), the credit card will be charged between 10:45pm – 11:15pm on 12 February 2024 (Monday).
When will I be charged for my Subscription order?
Your credit card will be charged 4 days before each delivery date. Eg. An order that is due on Monday will be billed the previous Thursday.

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