PetCubes Transition & Feeding Guide
There are many reasons why you may want to consider switching your dog’s or cat’s food. Maybe your puppy or kitten is growing, or perhaps your veterinarian recommended a dietary change.
Check out our simple 8-Day transition schedule to find out how to change your dog’s or cat’s food.

Transitioning To PetCubes

When changing your pet’s diet, we recommend doing it gradually. Changing dog or cat food too quickly would lead to diarrhea, vomiting, or even loss of appetite. 
Now that you’ve made the best choice, learn how to get your pet prepared.

Day 1 & 2 of transitioning to PetCubes

Day 1 & 2 of transitioning to Petcubes
Start by offering your pet’s daily portion in a ratio of 75% old food to 25% PetCubes.

Day 3 & 4 of transitioning to PetCubes

Day 3 & 4 of transitioning to Petcubes
Gradually decrease the amount of old pet food to 50% and increase PetCubes to 50%. 

Day 5 & 6 of transitioning to PetCubes

Day 5 & 6 of transitioning to Petcubes
Move on to mixing 75% PetCubes’ new dog or cat food with only 25% old food.

Day 7 & 8 of transitioning to PetCubes

Day 7 & 8 of transitioning to Petcubes
Finally, feed 100% PetCubes. 
These basic steps will set you and your pet up for a positive switch to PetCubes. The key is to slowly mix and increase the amount of the new dog or cat food with the previous food each day.
A regular feeding schedule, as well as consistent mealtimes and eating areas, are also recommended meal practices while transitioning your dog and cat to a new food. 

Preparing PetCubes

Hurry, Your Pet Can't Wait!

There has been a never-ending debate as to which type of diet is best for your pet. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to pet nutrition. Each pet is unique and has different nutrient requirements. 
That’s why PetCubes offers both cooked and raw frozen dog and cat food so you can choose the diet that best suits your unique pet. 

Preparation of PetCubes’ Gently Cooked Range

PetCubes’ Gently Cooked range is cooked at a controlled temperature of 80°C, enough to kill bacteria while retaining the bioavailability of most nutrients.
The cooked pet food is then flash-frozen to eliminate the need for additives or preservatives.
The preparation is simple. All you have to do is transfer the next day’s packet from the freezer to the chiller, a night before feeding.
This is to thaw the frozen dog and cat food overnight in the refrigerator, where it will remain at a safe, constant temperature — at 4° C or below.
There are three simple ways to serve our Gently Cooked range.

Option 1: Serve chilled

Serve chilled
  • After thawing PetCubes Gently Cooked frozen pet food for a night, stir the meal evenly and serve it chilled, no further preparation is needed
  • The natural thawed state ensures your dog gets all the benefits of a fresh, wholesome diet without having to cook for them.

Option 2: Add warm water, serve warm

Add warm water, serve warm
  • To serve it warm, add half a cup of warm water to the meal after removing it from the chiller.
  • Give it a good stir, and it’s ready to serve! 

Option 3: Heat vacuum pack in a bowl of hot water, serve warm

    Heat vacuum pack
    • After removing the meal from the refrigerator, place the PetCubes vacuum tray into a bowl of hot or warm water for a short period.
    • Stir it evenly and serve warm.

    Preparation of PetCubes’ Raw Meat Range

    Option 1: Serve chilled

      • Similar to the Gently Cooked range, thaw PetCubes in the refrigerator for a night, stir evenly and serve chilled.
      We do not recommend any further preparation as it changes the nutrient levels and alters the food quality.

      Gentle Reminder

      Always remember to keep PetCubes pet food frozen until ready to use. Do not thaw at room temperature a few hours before feeding.
      Warming the food in a microwave is also not recommended as it will alter the food composition.
      PetCubes’ frozen food for dogs and cats is carefully chosen, prepared, and stored in such a way that feeding it to your pets in its natural, thawed state is not only safe but also ensures the delivery of high-quality nutrients.
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