Kangaroo Chips
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Kangaroo Chips

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Best for an Energy Boost! 

Kangaroo Chips are a great source of lean protein, containing all the essential amino acids your pet needs to maintain healthy muscles and energy levels. They are also rich in minerals like zinc and iron, which are important for supporting immune function and overall health. These treats are a fantastic supplement to other chicken or pork-based diets, which can sometimes lack zinc. Plus, their satisfying crunch is sure to keep your pet coming back for more!


  • 100% Natural
  • Single Ingredient
  • Gently Air-Dried
  • No Preservatives & Additives
  • PhD Nutritionist Recommended




Suitable for:

Dogs and Cats

Guaranteed Analysis per 100g:

Crude Protein 47%
Crude Fat 2%
Crude Fiber 2%
Calories 196.2 Kcal


Feeding Recommendations:

For a small dog (up to 5kg)
20g a day
For a medium dog (up to 20kg) 40g a day
For a large dog (more than 20kg) 60g a day
For a cat 15g a day


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