Introducing BYOB option: Build Your Own Box

Dear Valued Subscribers,

We would like to inform you that we will be having a price adjustment starting 13 October 2022. Please refer to our previous email for the full notice.

In conjunction with the price adjustment, we would like to introduce the “'BUILD YOUR OWN BOX” option (BYOB). This will replace our existing mix protein cases in order to provide wider flexibility and options to customers that would like to personalized their own orders.

ACTION REQUIRED: If you have a preferred protein selection for each of your existing mixed cases, please kindly fill up this form before 12 October 2022, 14:00 (2pm):

For subscribers who did not choose the preferred protein before the cut-off time, your next order will automatically be processed base on your most recent order.

The BYOB option is an upgrade from the previous mix cases option as it offers higher flexibility during purchase:

  1. BYOB allows customers to choose from a wider variety of protein options (removing the divide between regular and premium protein options) that were previously not available to each mixes of each respective ranges; and
  2. Each BYOB order allow customers to tailor the specific number of trays of each protein, instead of being allocated based on stock availability.

The affected mix protein options being replaced by BYOB are:

  • Gently Cooked & Raw Regular Mix
  • Gently Cooked & Raw Premium Mix
  • Senior Mix
  • Puppy Mix

With higher flexibility of the BYOB option, the pricing of each BYOB order will also be calculated based on the following:

* Please note that the pricing above is applicable only for 'BUILD YOUR OWN BOX' option. It does not apply to the purchase of trial packs.

Please be informed that the change will take place for all orders starting 13 October 2022. The price of each BYOB order varies and the amount will be tabulated automatically based on the protein selected.

Yours Sincerely,
The PetCubes Team