Causes of Weight Gain in Cats
TABLE OF CONTENTS Genetics  Neutered Cats Diet Environment  Breed of Cat Illness  Conclusion If you gain a few extra
Best Weight Loss Tips for Cats
TABLE OF CONTENTS Prevent cat obesity  Do not free feed  Talk to your vet Look at ingredients in cats’ diet Diet Cat F
Diet Cat Food - What to Feed Your Fat Cat?
TABLE OF CONTENTS How much should I feed my cat to promote weight loss?  Best diet cat food  1. Chicken 2. Beef &
Fat cats are so common nowadays that you may not even realize that your cat is overweight too! It is really easy to ove
Easy Ways To Exercise Your Cat
TABLE OF CONTENTS Put needed items on different levels  Have active playtime Create more play bursts Take your cat for
Overweight Cat - Risks and Treatments
TABLE OF CONTENTS How to tell if my cat is healthy?  Is my cat overweight? Cat Weight Chart Health Risk of an Ove