All About PetExpo 2022

Are you a new pet owner or a seasoned one? Whether you own a cat, dog, or fish, there is an exciting pet fair in store for you! PetExpo SG is returning to Singapore this year from 25 – 27 November 2022 at our very own Singapore Expo Hall 6! Look forward to gain insights into the wide variety of pet food, pet healthcare, learning about legal exotic pets you can keep and even pet shows! (Yes, this includes you Betta Fish Owners who want to show off your pets formidable displays!)

What other exciting things can we expect from Singapore’s largest Pet Fair entail? Let’s find out!

#1 – Complimentary Pet Health Check [Registration Closed]  

When was the last time you brought your pet for a health check-up? Regardless, it never hurts to have veterinarians check your pet once more! In this year’s PetExpo, they are bringing back the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS), a cluster of NParks, to conduct physical health consultations for your pets. In addition, eligible pets will also be offered complimentary microchipping services. It is important to note that slots are limited and only one pet per owner is allowed for this service. If you submit multiple submissions, they will be voided. 

As of 17 November 2022, all slots have been taken up.

#2 – Learn More About Animal Massages

When taking care of our pets, it is not just the type of cat food, dog food or pet food we feed them. It is also about their holistic well-being. Join the co-founders of Paws Fur Life where they talk about how they discovered the benefits of canine massages, healthy eating for pets and the importance of emotional well-being for them.

#3 - Free Pet Treats Goodie Bags!

Each day, the first 1,000 visitors that manage to fill up their survey forms at the survey booth gets to redeem a complimentary goodie bag filled with various treats for your pet! Do note that this will be done in-person at the physical registration booth.

#4 – Learn How Your Pet Can Receive Teleconsultations

Just like how people can now visit their doctors virtually without having to leave their homes, our pets can now also tap on this service! At PetExpo 2022, we will be joined with Dr Rachel Tong from Pawlyclinic on 27 November, 2-3pm to share about how this teleconsultation for pets works and to answer any questions you may have.

#5 – Support Local Pet Food Brands

Founded in 2014, PetCubes has been a pioneer in the fresh pet food movement producing premium, human-grade meals for our pets. You will also be happy to know that PetCubes is a locally grown company that produces a wide range of cat food, dog food and of course, treats! Their pet food are specially formulated by a renowned wildlife nutritionist Dr Francis Cabana and are prepared in a AVS approved facility. For pet owners that find themselves strapped for time, you will be pleased to know that they produce ready-to-eat diets that are easy on your schedule without compromising the nutrition your pets need from their food. 

Source 1 PetExpoSG Facebook

Dr Francis Cabana, PetCubes Nutrition Director spearheads product and research development and community education where he leads PetCubes in their drive towards maximising the well being of pets under human care.  

As one of the top wildlife nutritionists in Asia, he lends his expertise in animal nutrition from years of experience working in zoos around the world to develop the best forms of nutrition for our pets. He believes in the benefits arising from a fresh wholesome diet and fully supports the commitment to no preservatives or additives in our food. His mantra for PetCubes has been on three things: functional foods, nutrigenomics and the microbiome. 

Prior to joining PetCubes, Dr Cabana was with Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) as a wildlife nutritionist since 2016 where he was responsible for the diets of over 15,000 animals. This includes the four parks under WRS — Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park.

Join Dr Francis at these programme timeslots as he shares some tips on how you can feed your pet better - 

Saturday, 26 November 2022

  • 12 - 1 pm – Dog Nutrition: How to Feed your Pets like a Pro!
  • 1 - 2 pm – Cats Nutrition: How to Feed your Pets like a Pro!


You can get your tickets online here : Online registration closes Friday, 18 November 2022. SAFRA members can also rejoice as you can get up to 20% off tickets for online purchases! Do note that you will have to flash your SAFRA card (or e-card via the SAFRA APP) in order to get your wristbands on site for online ticket holders.

Source 2 PetExpoSG Facebook

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