PetCubes names Dr Francis Cabana as Director of Nutrition

The appointment marks a first in the fresh pet food industry in Singapore and
reaffirms PetCubes commitment to feed every pet better.
SINGAPORE, June 4, 2021 - PetCubes is excited to announce today the appointment of Dr Francis Cabana as its Director of Nutrition, reinforcing the company’s endeavour to be at the forefront of the fresh pet food industry in Singapore driven by nutritional science.
In this role effective June 2021, Dr Cabana will spearhead product development, education, R&D and special projects. As one of the top wildlife nutritionists in Asia, he lends his expertise in animal nutrition from years of experience working in zoos around the world to develop the best forms of nutrition for our pets.
As part of the commitment to lift the awareness of the importance of pet nutrition, Dr Cabana will be hosting educational live webinars and interactive Q&A sessions regularly, allowing the community to gain access to invaluable insights into the aspects of proper feeding and care of our pets. Dr Cabana will also be working in tandem with our retail partners to understand the ever evolving needs of the pet market, and Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore to develop new formulas for dogs and cats.
The onboarding of a field expert in this role is the first ever in the fresh pet food market in Singapore, and a momentous step forward for PetCubes as it continues on its mission to be the leader in the fresh food movement as pet ownership increases.
“We are thrilled to officially name Francis in the crucial role as our Director of Nutrition,” said PetCubes CEO, Desmond Ng. “I have known Francis for many years and it’s evident that he’s passionate about what he does, and truly dedicated towards the wellbeing of our pets. We are extremely privileged to have him on our team and look forward to working alongside him on an intricate level.”
Originating from Montreal, Canada, Dr Cabana has been PetCubes’ advisor since 2019. He joins the company from Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) where he was responsible for the diets of over 15,000 animals, as the wildlife nutritionist since 2016 in the four parks under WRS — Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park. Working as a wildlife nutritionist since 2012, he holds a PhD in Wildlife Nutrition from Oxford Brookes University.
He has more than 25 scientific publications and book chapters on animal nutrition ranging from the nutrition of Lorisiformes where he created diets for slow lorises under human care, to topics spanning seasonal diet switching in captive giant pandas and great apes. His years of studies and experience have led him to embrace a firm belief in the many benefits arising from a fresh wholesome diet and fully supports our commitment to no preservatives or additives in our food. His mantra for PetCubes has been and will be to focus on three things: functional foods, nutrigenomics and the microbiome.
Since its launch in 2014, PetCubes has been constantly innovating to maximize the wellbeing of our pets under human care. Today, our human-grade pet meals are recognized for their freshness, quality and convenience - and how pets love them.
About PetCubes
Founded in 2014, a Singaporean company, PetCubes has been a pioneer in the fresh pet food movement producing premium, human-grade meals for our pets. Formulated by renowned wildlife nutritionist Dr Francis Cabana and produced in our SFA approved facility, PetCubes’ ready-to-eat diets are both convenient and yet all-natural, complete meals that help your pet thrive by building a strong foundation from the inside. PetCubes diets are made with 100% Human-grade meat and is free from preservatives, fillers, additives or by-products. No cooking is required. Just thaw and serve.



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