Bone Broth For Cats: Is It Good For Your Cat?

Bone broths are said to be one of the best additions to promote your cat’s health. They are not only a tasty introduction to your pet's diet, but they also provide various health benefits. Read on to find out how this type of food is advantageous for your cat.

bone broth for cats
Photo by Zane Lee on Unsplash

What is bone broth for cats?

Did you know that bone broth for cats is different from your regular stock? It is different because bone broths are cooked for an extended amount of time and uses meaty joint bones from chicken or beef, which includes the bone marrow. 

The long cooking time extracts collagen and other nutrients from the bones. You can also add extra ingredients, such as carrots, potatoes, celery or other vegetables, into the bone broth.

Benefits of bone broth for cats

Bone broth offers many health benefits for cats: 

Aids in digestion

The collagen in bone broth provides the majority of the benefits for cats. 

Collagen is an amino acid that strengthens the protective lining of your pet's digestive tract, improving nutrition absorption and lowering the risk of a leaky gut. 

Bone broth is especially beneficial for sick or elderly cats. Elements in bone broth are easily digested.  This helps them feel better, encourages them to eat, and restores nutrients to their bodies.

Liver detoxification

Similar to humans, all the toxins in your cat’s body will reside in its liver. Bone broth will help to clear those toxins as it is high in glycine. 

Glycine is an amino acid that the liver needs to clean out all the poisons found in food, water, and even pesticides. Your cat will feel better and happier after these chemicals have been eliminated from its body.

Strengthen immune system

Bone broth made properly contains vitamins and minerals that strengthen your cat's immune system, much like chicken soup does for a cold. 

Furthermore, when it has been cooked down, marrow in the bone promotes the transport of oxygen to the body's cells. This also helps to boost your cat's immune system.

Joint health

Bone broth delivers a considerable quantity of calcium and phosphorus to your cat when consumed on a regular basis. These minerals are essential for the development and maintenance of your cat's teeth and skeleton.

Regular intake of bone broth will assist in the healing of your cat's ailments if he or she suffers from any form of bone injury. Phosphorus and calcium are nutrients that help your cat maintain a healthy energy level.

Skin and coat health

The gelatin from bone broth is fantastic for feline skin and coat health. Vitamins C and B which are beneficial to skin and hair health are also abundant in bone broth. Both encourage collagen formation and cell proliferation, resulting in shiny, healthy coats. 

Bone broth for cats with IBD 

Bone broth should be regarded as an important part of your cat's diet if he or she has inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Bone broth not only provides nutrients for cats suffering from IBD, but it also aids in the hydration of cats suffering from vomiting or diarrhea. 

Most significantly, the collagen in it physically restores the mucosa of the intestine. This will be most helpful to manage colitis in cats, which is a form of IBD. As bone broth contains collagen, it strengthens the intestine lining by removing undigested food from the intestines and thus, preventing bacteria from flourishing in the gut.

Bone broth for cats with UTI

In addition to managing pH levels and strengthening the bladder wall, keeping your cat hydrated is a vital aspect of treating urinary tract infection (UTI) in a cat. This aids in flushing the bladder and prevents dangerous bacteria from accumulating.

Bone broth provides critical hydration needed by cats with UTI and also contains nutrients and minerals that can assist in the battle against infections. Additionally, amino acids in bone broth such as glycine and arginine, have been demonstrated to alleviate inflammation.

How much bone broth should I give my cat?

1/4 to 1/2 cup would be a fair measurement. It might have a lot of salt depending on the components, thus the more salt there is, the more it should be controlled. Gelatin can induce diarrhea in kittens, so don't feed them until they're 6 months old.

Each cat has its own preferences. Some of them will enjoy the broth, while others may loathe it. If you want to include bone broth into the diet of your cat which dislikes it, you can start off by adding a few spoons of the broth to its wet food. 

On the contrary, if your cat is on a dry-only diet, adding bone broth to the dry food will improve the meal. Allow your cat to drink a tiny bit of it everyday or every other day if it loves it on its own. 

Petcubes bone broth

Petcubes’ Bone Broth Dr for cats is specially designed with filtered water, 100% good quality bones, apple cider vinegar, turmeric and extra virgin coconut oil. It is curated with extra care with the right amount of nutrients for your cat to thrive. 


To sum it up, bone broth reaps various benefits for your cat. If you’re looking for cat vitamins or supplements, bone broth is a healthy, nutritious addition to your cat’s diet. Try it and see how much your cat’s health improves.