Organic Wet Dog Food - Benefits for a Healthy Dog!

There are many types of dog food on the market, and it’s hard to know which is the best one feed our dog. It gets even more confusing with terms like ‘natural’, and ‘organic’ labeled on the packaging. Here’s the low down on organic wet dog food and a few reasons why you should consider giving it to your dog. 

What is organic wet dog food?

Before we define organic wet dog food, let’s have a look at what makes a dog food ‘organic’. 

In order for dog food to be labeled organic it needs to be free or antibiotics, toxic pesticides, preservatives and synthetic hormones. 

Organic dog food must not contain genetically engineered or modified ingredients, be grown in chemical fertilizer or irradiated. 

feed with organic wet dog food
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If you look closely, you will find that not all pet food with the organic label are 100% organic. For example, some have labels that state ‘made with organic’ which means that only about 70% of the ingredients are organic. 

Now let’s get to wet dog food. Wet dog food contains between 70 to 85% water, mixed in the ‘dry’ ingredients. Another difference between wet and dry food is that wet food usually contains higher amounts of protein and fat. This makes it more palatable for your dog. These protein and fat sources are good for your dog’s muscles, skin and hair. Many pet food comes in both wet and dry versions. Compared to dry foods, wet dog food also has lesser preservatives and thus, should not be left out as it will become rancid pretty quickly. 

Thus, organic wet dog food is simply wet dog food that adheres to the conditions that passes it to be organic, as mentioned above. 

Is organic wet dog food better for dogs?

In addition to the benefits of having your dog go organic, here are the some other reasons to opt for organic wet dog food:

  • It has great water content

If you live in a dry and hot climate and your dog doesn’t drink enough water, wet dog food can help keep your dog hydrated. Having said this, you should still ensure that your dog has access to fresh water at all times. 

  • It smells great 

Wet dog foods smell (and taste) better because of the higher fat and protein content. This is great especially for older dogs that have lost some sense of smell. The rich scent as well as flavour may just help them to regain their appetite. 

  • It’s easier to chew 

Wet dog food might be easier for dogs who have trouble chewing due to misaligned jaws or loss of teeth. 

  • It helps your dog to feel full

The moisture content can help your dog to feel full longer. Thus, organic wet dog food might be the answer if you need your pet to lose some weight. 

Feed with the best organic wet food
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Best wet organic dog food

With the benefits of wet organic dog food in mind, it’s still hard for concerned pet owners to decide what is best to feed their dog simply because of the vast choices available.

So how do you choose the best wet organic dog food for your pet? The answer is simple - choose something that is best suited for your dog.

Additionally, you should also check to see if the labels state that the food is ‘100% organic’, ‘organic’ or ‘made with organic ingredients’. 

You should also check the ingredients to make sure that they are suited for your dog. Obviously, it is also that you pick dog food according to the stages in your dog’s life (ie. puppy, adult) as each stage requires different amounts of proteins and carbohydrates. 

Another factor that contributes to picking the best food for your dog is pricing. Organic pet food can be costly and not everyone can afford it. Yet, as pet owners, we definitely want to give our furry friends the best. For those who can’t afford organic but still want to provide your dog with good nutrition check out Petcubes’ range of nutritious dog food.  


A large part of your dog’s health is reliant on its diet. As such, you should aim to provide your pet with all the nutrients that it needs. Going organic may cost you a lot of money, but in the long run a healthy dog will not only life a full happy life, but also visit the vet less often. Do remember to check with your vet before making any changes to your dog’s diet.