What Can You Mix With Raw Meat For Dogs?

Many pet parents are opting to feed their dogs raw meat, but did you know that you can add other ingredients to the meals to make it more nutritious and beneficial for your pup? In this article, we will share what to add to the raw diet.

What can I mix raw dog food with?

Here’s a list of things you can mix with raw dog food to make it a more delicious meal for your canine:

Raw eggs

Eggs are a fantastic source of nutrients for your canine companion and are safe for them to consume. Eggs are high in protein, fatty acids, vitamins, and fatty acids, all of which help your dog stay healthy on the inside and out.

Although cooked eggs are beneficial to dogs, it removes some of the nutritional advantages, such as amino acids, making raw eggs a preferable alternative. Therefore, it will be better to mix a raw egg into your dog’s meal to persuade them to eat it.

Some dogs should not consume eggs due to medical reasons, so always check first. In addition, overeating eggs can cause your dog to put on weight as it increases your dog’s caloric intake. Therefore, consult your veterinarian about the proper number of eggs to feed your canine.

Sweet potato

In commercial dog diets, potatoes are a common source of carbohydrates and protein. Potato is also commonly featured in dog meals with a limited number of ingredients. 

They are high in vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A is necessary for healthy eyes, muscles, nerves, and skin, while vitamin C aids in boosting your dog’s immune system.

Another significant benefit of sweet potatoes is their high fibre content. Fibre is an essential component of digestion. In addition, fibre improves the efficiency of your dog's digestive system, which means less mess for you!

sweet potato

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This vegetable can be a great addition to your dog’s raw meal as it contains vitamins like A and C while also having minerals like potassium. This will boost your dog’s nutritional intake. 

Moreover, pumpkins have a high fibre content, which is great for your dog’s digestive system. It will also help in reducing the possibility of your pet getting diarrhoea.


Oatmeal is abundant in fibre and comprises a plethora of nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. Hence, this makes oatmeal a great option if your dog is picky about wheat or grains.

Besides that, oatmeal has Vitamin B and omega-6 fatty acids, which will aid in maintaining your dog’s skin and coat health. It is a great alternative carbohydrate for dogs that may be sensitive to wheat or grains. 

Bone broth 

Another option you can add to your dog’s raw food is bone broth. Bone broth is abundant in glucosamine, which will act as a hormone to incite your dog’s cells to create protective collagen around your canine’s ligament, tendons and joints.

Furthermore, bone broth is wealthy in arginine, which assists with blood flow. A good portion of arginine in your dog’s raw diet can smoothen the progression of blood through the vessels and arteries and assist in preventing clogging of arteries. 

Feeding bone broth is also a decent method to raise your canine's platelet levels in case they are low as it contains both glycine and proline, which assist the body in creating new platelets.

You can try PetCubes’ Bone Broth Dr. This meal is made with premium bones which are simmered for over 72 hours in small batches. It's high in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, all of which are good for your dog's stomach, joints, and overall health.

Raw fruits

Apple slices, for example, are lovely complements to your dog's diet. These raw fruits are high in nutrients like vitamin C, beta-carotene, and dietary fibre, but they're also low in calories, so they won't make your dog gain weight.

You may use them as occasional snacks or mash them up and mix in with your dog's diet.

raw fruits

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Can I mix dry dog food or kibble with raw meat?

You don’t have to mix these two diets due to various reasons. Many dog owners believe that mixing foods will help them get the essential nutrients they require or bulk up their food. It could have a negative effect instead and may cause your dog to become ill. 

Kibble is made up of a large quantity of starch. This means the dog’s stomach will not produce as much acid as when high protein food items are consumed. 

Although not proven, there is evidence that mixing both will result in a slightly less acidic pH which may not be as efficient in killing possible pathogens found in raw food. 

Since the process of digesting dry dog food is very different from digesting raw dog food, feeding them at the same time could risk your canine’s health. 

Can you mix raw and cooked meat for dogs?

It's quite acceptable to include cooked chicken and other foods in a raw diet. You just have to take extra precautions to ensure that both meals you are combining are easy to digest by your dog. Of course, you can always consult your veterinarian to figure out which cooked meat will go well for your dog’s raw diet.

What are good supplements to add to dog food?

Here’s a list of supplements that you can mix into your dog’s food:

  • Coconut oil
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Goat’s milk
  • Fish oil
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E 
  • Calcium 
  • Protein supplements

Do note that human vitamin supplements should never be given to your dog. Dogs' dietary demands are considerably different from humans', and too many vitamins may make canines very sick.

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Switching to a raw diet

Some people choose to move from a dry to a raw food diet gradually. It may just take a few days for some dogs, while for others, it may take many weeks. For example, you may progressively lower the kibble and increase the raw food amount at each meal until the dog exclusively eats raw food. With a young pup or a dog with a robust digestive system, you can make the changeover quickly by introducing only one food.

Learn more about how you can smoothly transition your dog to a raw diet here.


As discussed above, there are various ingredients you can mix into your dog’s raw diet. Each item you include in your dog’s meal is there to enhance its health, so always be extra careful when you want to combine meals. You may be a beginner at raw feeding but don’t worry! If there are any doubts, it is always better to consult with your veterinarian.

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