PetCubes is privileged to have onboard Dr Francis Cabana, PhD in Wildlife Nutrition, as our nutritional advisor. We work in close consultation with Dr Cabana for product development substantiated by years of science and research, towards our unified goal of maximising the wellbeing of our pets under human care.  

Dr Cabana is the only wildlife nutritionist in Asia. Originating from Montreal, Canada, he left at 21 to pursue his Masters and subsequently a Doctorate at the Oxford Brookes University. Instead of taking the path of common animal science to learn about farm animals, or through the veterinarian space and taking a certificate in nutrition, he took the road less travelled to dive deep into the world of animal ecology, metabolism and nutrition.

His first taste of Asia came when he spent a year researching the nutrition requirements and the ecology of wild animals in West Java, Indonesia, with emphasis on the slow lorises. In that environment, he was able to understand where these animals fit into the web of life and what it means for their nutritional ecology. This is the ethos he still lives by every day to understand the requirements of every animal.

His incredible journey led him to the Singapore Zoo as their wildlife nutritionist, being responsible for the diets of over 16,000 animals that most have very little research published on. His passion inevitably flowed on to domestic animals, and now formulate the diets that PetCubes feeds to the thousands of pets in its ever growing family.

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