Easy Ways To Exercise Your Cat

Overweight cats may look cute but are unhealthy and one of the best ways to help it is through exercise. To reach the average cat weight, an active lifestyle or increased exercise is important. The word “exercise” brings to mind a lot of hard work. However, it does not have to be that way. 


overweight cat
Photo by Vlad Bagacian from Pexels

As cat owners, we can help them be more active by getting cats to exercise in many ways. Make it fun and exciting until cats do not even realize they are exercising. The whole aim is to make your cats move more so that it uses more energy and increases their metabolism so that it burns fat faster. 

Put needed items on different levels 

Forcing your cat to climb the stairs is a good way to increase its activity levels. For example, if your house has more than one level, you can place its litter box on one floor and its food on another. 

This will force your cat to move in order to get to the things it wants or needs. 

Have active playtime

Try to get at least 20 to 30 minutes of play in a day. Usually, you will need to play with your cat so that it is more interested in play. Rather than playing a game on its own, which can get boring really fast, rolling a ball or having a toy at hand can make it all the more interesting and will encourage your cat to move more. 

Play time does not have to be all at the same time. In fact, mini play sessions are more effective.

Create more play bursts

Short, anaerobic bursts are more effective than long stretches of exercise for cats. This is why we highly recommend mini play sessions for cats. 

These mini sessions can last for 3 to 5 minutes a day, several times a day. 

Take your cat for a walk

Yes it may sound strange but some cats actually really love being walked on a leash. Cats usually love being outdoors. 

However, you will need to get a leash and a harness and we recommend that you try it indoors first. Once it is accustomed, take it out to explore in the yard. Only then should you venture in the great outdoors. 

take your cat for a walk
Photo by Vlad Bagacian from Pexels

Just to manage expectations, do not expect that walking your cat is like walking your dog. It needs shorter excursions and will explore the neighborhood quite differently from dogs. 

Change out toys 

Cats get bored easily. From time to time, switch out its toys so that it has something new to play with. You do not have to buy new toys all the time. In fact, like children, you can change the location of a toy or you keep one or two toys for a period of time before introducing the toy again. It will be like a new toy for cats! 

For example, if a jingle toy is usually kept in the living room, consider placing it in the kitchen instead.

Use a feeding ball 

If your cat loves dry food, use a feeding ball. It will force your cat to work for each piece of food by pushing the ball around. 

Actively moving to get its food will increase its daily exercise. 

Make your cat hunt

Every time you feed your cat, move your cat’s food to a different location throughout your home. She will get some additional exercise while searching for the food without even noticing. 

Not only that, it keeps your cat on it’s ‘claws’ because the hunt will excite it and she will look forward to it more and more. 

Use a laser pointer 

We have all seen videos of a cat chasing the red laser pointer. It just won’t give up on it! For your cat, it will be endless fun and chasing the laser pointer around the room encourages your cat to exercise without it even knowing so. 


Encouraging your cat to exercise is one of the best weight loss tips for your cat. It does not have to be strenuous and full of hard work. In fact, it will seem like so much fun for your cat. Implement these and watch as your overweight cat’s fat increasingly drops off!