Best Weight Loss Tips for Cats

The internet loves fat cats. They are like balls rolling around and are adorable! Some just stay still and give you judgy looks and some are super clumsy, rolling around everywhere. 

But did you know that an overweight cat is a sign of malnutrition? Obesity is unhealthy and 

So here is where you find out how to make your cats lose their extra weight. The best weight loss diet for cats and other ways to help it lower the scale. Don’t worry, your cat will still be extremely cute! 

Prevent cat obesity 

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’? This is true in every sense when it comes to weight. If your cat is not overweight, do not overfeed it. It is that simple to keep your pet healthy! 

It is best to limit treats and make sure that your cat is on the right diet, right from the start. 

Do not free feed 

Try to avoid free feeding your overweight cat. Free feeding is when your cat’s bowl is never empty. Instead, you should measure your cat’s food intake by measuring each meal and how many calories it is getting. 

Sometimes, cats eat when they are bored so they may put on unnecessary calories if they are free fed. 

If your cat does not adjust well to controlled feedings, you may try breaking up its food into many small meals throughout the day instead. 

Talk to your vet

One of the vital steps when it comes to helping your cat lose weight is to talk to your veterinarian about it. The vet will assess your cat and will address any health concerns that may stand in the way of progress.

talk to your vet
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Look at ingredients in cats’ diet

Cats are obligate carnivores which means that they rely on meat enormously. Although your cat may enjoy eating food other than protein such as bread, vegetables and grains, the fact is, cats really need protein sources. 

Look at the cats in the wild. They prey on smaller mammals such as rodents, birds and bugs which are high in protein nutritional value. 

Nowadays there are so many types of cat food out there which also translates into low quality and high quality food. It is best that your cat’s diet is made out of good quality meat such as Petcubes Premium Raw Cat Food whereby the food tries to mimic what felines would forage in the wild. 

Diet Cat Food

What do you feed your cat then? Diet cat food is actually a thing. They are usually low in calories but high in nutrients. Again, look at the labels. 

Do consider making a switch. If you do, make sure to make the switch gradually so that your overweight cat has time to adapt to it.


When it comes to exercise, it brings to mind a lot of groaning and feels hard. It does not have to be. 

Cats may seem lazy and unwilling to move so how do you encourage cats to exercise?

When it comes to exercise, you can do a number of things such as scheduling play, putting out a climbing post or putting needed items on different levels, taking it out for a walk and considering a feeding ball. 

Cut treats 

Calories from treats can add up. If you really need to give your cat treats, it is better to give them treats that are lower in calories. 

Cut treats

Your cats love treats so it’s hard as a pet owner. Which leads us to…. 

Ignore begging 

It is definitely hard to ignore your cat begging for scraps and treats. It is so tempting to feed them when they look at you with enormous eyes and meow pitifully. 

However, small amounts of unplanned treats can pile up and is significant for a cat’s daily intake. 

Instead of treats, try cuddling, playing or petting your cat instead. 


Your cat’s health and quality of life is too important for you to dismiss weight issues. It is not not healthy for your cat to be overweight or obese so making sure that your cats lose weight is important. We hope that these tips help you and your cat become happier and healthier!